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The Map and How it Works

View larger Save Our Bridges Map

Each colored symbol ( ) pinpoints a structurally deficient and fracture critical bridge.

The colors specify the average daily traffic (cars) a bridge receives:
 fewer than 24,999          25,000 – 74,999          75,000 – 99,999          more than 100,000

By accessing the Save Our Bridges Map, users can enter a zip code to immediately see the dangerous bridges in their area. Families can see if their children’s school buses or their own commutes to work or church take them across a bridge that is both structurally deficient and fracture critical. Trucking companies and other suppliers can determine whether the routes their carriers take require that they cross these dangerous bridges.
The map covers all 50 states. By clicking on a particular icon, one can readily see information taken from the Federal Highway Administration and state transportation agencies describing when the particular bridge was built, how much daily traffic crosses the bridge, and other pertinent information about its structure. Also, by clicking on “Street View,” for many of the featured bridges, users can go from a map view of the area around a bridge to an actual photograph of the bridge.

Click here for a list of structurally deficient and fracture critical bridges whose addresses were not provided. Therefore, they are not featured on the map.

How to Use the Map

To see the bridges in your area, zoom in on your state.

Or to search a specific location, follow these instructions:

Step One:
Click on “View larger Save Our Bridges Map,” located in the bottom left-hand corner of the map. Search the address or zip code in the Google search bar at the top of the map.
Step Two:Select “LePatner Bridge Map” in the drop down menu labeled “Traffic” on the right-hand side of the map.
Step Three:
Your location is marked with the red Google pointer . Right click on the and select “Zoom In.”


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